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To deliver better banking to our diverse range of customers, we need a diverse range of people

“I can say hand on heart that this is an organisation that respects and thrives on diversity of opinion, thought and background.”

Madeleine Seletto, Bank of Melbourne, Head of Human Resources

Diversity is an important aspect of any community. As part of the local neighbourhoods, we are determined to play our role in breaking down walls, reducing stigma and opening up discussion and debate about how our employees, customers and members of local communities can achieve their full financial, career and social potential.

What we do to help diversity flourish?

  • Ensure our teams are representative of the customers and neighbourhoods we serve
  • Live by our principles, ensuring equal opportunity and a safe work environment for everyone
  • Manage our recruitment and promotion processes to deliver diversity in those applying for roles
  • Communicate with our people about the importance of diversity
  • Develop the skills of managers to nurture the potential of their teams so that we foster a culture that embraces differences
  • Support our people in achieving their work/life responsibilities by offering choice and flexibility

Our Strategy

We want to be one of the world’s great companies for diversity and flexibility. This means:

  • Having a workforce profile that delivers competitive advantage by more closely reflecting the customers and the community that we serve
  • Having a truly inclusive workplace where every individual can shine regardless of gender, cultural identity, age, work style or approach
  • Leveraging the value of diversity for all our stakeholders to deliver the best customer experience, improved financial performance and a stronger corporate reputation
  • Continuing to take a leadership position on diversity practices and setting the agenda in the external community

Diversity is more than a buzzword.

Diversity in this context covers gender, age, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation and religious belief.

Workplace flexibility involves developing people management strategies that accommodate differences in the background and family responsibilities of employees.

As part of the Westpac Group, Bank of Melbourne is dedicated to driving diversity in the workplace and achieving our diversity goals.

Programs as part of our diversity agenda include:

Women in Leadership

“We are challenging banking norms and support placing women in roles which have traditionally been occupied by men” Madeleine Seletto, Bank of Melbourne, Head of Human Resources

By increasing the number of women in senior leadership roles, we more closely reflect the abundant skills of women in the workforce. We know that our organisation will benefit from a more diverse pool of talent. Therefore, we are committed to helping lead the gender equality debate — and action in this area -- both nationally and internationally.

Highlights of recent progress include:

  • Support for the UN's Women's Empowerment Principles
  • Paying superannuation on unpaid parental leave for up to 39 weeks, recognising the superannuation savings gap for individuals taking time out of the workforce to raise a family
  • Paid parental leave increased to thirteen weeks


We believe that effective accessibility action is driven by:

Universal design

We believe that products, services and environments should be designed in such a way that the whole community can access them.

Integrated diversity

We believe that healthy teams and communities are diverse and integrated and that each individual brings something special to the whole.

Shared voices

We believe that shared stories and experiences build understanding, break down barriers and destroy misconceptions.

Empathetic action

We believe empathy without action can become dangerously close to pity, we see empathy as a starting point from which to deliver tangible action

Indigenous Employment

We are committed to long-term solutions towards a better future for all Australians, including our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

In October 2010, Westpac Group launched the first Reconciliation Action Plan. While there are already Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees this focus is to find ways to attract more into roles across the Group.

In 2009, Westpac signed up to the Australian Employment Covenant (AEC), a national three-way commitment between Australian Employers, the Australian Government and Indigenous people. The Westpac Group’s goal within the Covenant is to place 100 indigenous people into roles by 2012 - we are well on track and will more than meet this goal through our Indigenous programs.

Age Diversity

As part of the Westpac Group, Bank of Melbourne deliberately targets mature-age workers and offers a range of programs to support our people with flexibility and transitioning to retirement.


At Bank of Melbourne, we think flexibility is more than just the application of policies - it's about flexibility of thought.