Business Lending Interest Rates

Below variable rates current on and from 3rd April 2017

Business Loans


Business Maximiser Rate

7.49% p.a.

Business Loan Rate

6.64% p.a.

Business Line Rate

6.06% p.a.

Commercial Loans


Commercial Loan Rate (No longer for sale)

7.67% p.a.

Commercial Base Rate

8.22% p.a.

Commercial Line of Credit (No longer for sale)

8.19% p.a.

Other Lending Rates


Business Indicator Rate

8.97% p.a.

Rural Indicator Rate

8.37% p.a.

How to apply

The Detail

A margin may apply. These indicator rates are used to determine the interest rate charged on all relevant loans. Fees and charges may apply. Full details of Terms and Conditions are available on application.