Home and Contents Insurance

Until 31 March if you buy a new home and contents insurance policy, you’ll automatically go into the draw for your chance to win back your first year’s premium*.

Save 10% off your annual premium for the first year when you apply online and enter the promotional code COVER.

  • Conveniently arrange your home finance and home and contents cover under the one roof with Bank of Melbourne1
  • Our home and contents insurance covers a wide range of events from fires, storms, burglary or malicious acts, to explosions, floods, lightning, falling trees, even earthquakes
  • Enjoy the added comfort of knowing any damaged belongings will be replaced with new ones, irrespective of age
  • Optional Personal Valuables cover provides added protection for your jewellery and portable devices such as laptops and mobile phones
  • Receive a 10% discount+ off your annual premium when both your home and contents are insured under the one policy at the same address
  • To get an idea of how much cover you need, visit bankofmelbourne.com.au/calculators.

Cover to suit you

  • Choose Building cover, Contents cover, or both to suit you - as a home, unit, holiday home owner or renter

3 levels of cover

  • Choose from 3 levels of cover for your Building and/or Contents against loss or damage: Essential Care, Quality Care, Premier Care

Optional Personal Valuables cover

  • Choose optional Personal Valuables cover to add to your Contents insurance to protect cherished jewellery, sporting equipment and portable electronic devices in and outside your home

Wide range of insured events

  • Insured events in Building and Contents cover include fire, storm, burglary, malicious acts, explosion, flood, lightning, escape of liquids, falling trees or branches, earthquake and more


  • New-for-old replacement regardless of age

Artworks and jewellery

  • Cover for your artworks, collections, collectibles, jewellery and watches included; limits apply so list additional items on your Contents policy, or add optional personal valuables cover for your jewellery and watches

Extra cover

  • Above and beyond your Building and/or Contents cover there's extra cover included
  • Removal of debris, emergency accommodation, professional fees e.g. engineer, and an eco-friendly rainwater tank and solar hot water system in case of a re-build

Pay by the month

  • Pay by the month with no monthly fee

How to reduce your premium

  • Save on your premium if you qualify for one or more of these discounts; combining your building and contents on one policy, not making any claims (no claim discount*), and having an Advantage Package home loan
  • Some of your policy choices may also help reduce your premium; the higher the voluntary claim excess chosen, the lower your premium, a lower level of cover e.g. the premium for Essential Care is less than Quality Care, and installing security features (contents premium)

3 easy steps to protect your home and contents

For peace of mind that you've covered your most important possessions, Bank of Melbourne offers comprehensive, flexible Home and Contents Insurance. Secure your finance and your insurance under the one roof with Bank of Melbourne and rest easy knowing you're protected.

Step 1: Choose which cover you need

Choose between Building and/or Contents insurance, depending on whether you own a home, a unit in a strata title, or are renting. For maximum flexibility these are separate policies, so you can choose one or both (see Step 2) for each.

  • Building insurance – covers your home Building against loss or damage
  • Contents insurance – covers your Contents against loss or damage
  • Personal Valuables cover – can be added to Contents policy for items you consider to be valuable or take outside your home.  

Step 2: Choose the level of cover you want 

With Building and Contents cover you can choose from three levels of cover.

  • Essential Care - provides a basic level of cover to protect your Building and/or Contents against loss or damage
  • Quality Care - covers your Building and/or Contents against loss or damage from a wider range of events, with additional benefits and higher limits of cover for your valuables
  • Premier Care - all the benefits of Quality Care with the extra protection of cover for accidental loss or damage anywhere in Australia, with more benefits and even higher limits of cover for your valuables.

See 'Cover level' for what's included and the limits in each level of cover. 

Step 3:  Apply 

It's easy to apply by calling us or applying online. We can assist you with the details to ensure you're protected today 

See How to apply

Step 2: Choose your level of cover

To choose your level of cover, compare these key differences of the three levels of home and contents protection.

B = Included with Building cover

C = Included with Contents cover

Insured events/cover   Essential Care Quality Care Premier Care
Storm, fire, theft, flood, lightning, malicious damage, and more BC      
Legal liability cover up to $20 million BC      
Jewellery and watches1 C  Up to $500 per item, $3,000 in total  Up to $1,000 per item, $5,000 in total  Up to $5,000 per item, $20,000 in total
Artworks, collections and collectibles1 C  Up to $3,000  Up to $10,000  Up to $20,000
Cash, cheques and money orders C    Up to $750  Up to $1,250
Electrical motor burnout BC    For motors up to 15 years old  For motors up to 15 years old
Accidental breakage of glass BC      
Australia-wide cover for contents temporarily removed from your home C   Up to 20% of the contents sum insured  
Accidental loss or damage BC      

1 For more cover than the automatic limits, specify items or take out optional Personal Valuables cover.


Extra cover

In addition to the sum insured, your Building and/or Contents cover comes with additional benefits, making it easier for you to get your home back to normal. Some additional benefits are paid in addition to the sum insured and some are paid as part of the sum insured.

Insured events/cover   Essential Care Quality Care Premier Care
Sum insured safety net* BC      
Demolition and removal of debris* BC      
Professional fees+ B      
Costs to comply with Legal or State authority requirements+ B      
Fire Brigade and services charges+ BC      
Emergency repairs and protection+ B      
Purchasing a home+ B      
Mortgage discharge+ B      
External locks and keys B    Up to $1,000  Up to $2,000
Rainwater tanks and solar hot water systems* B    Up to $3,000  Up to $5,000
Modifications to buildings for paraplegia and quadriplegia* B    Up to $5,000  Up to $10,000
Unsecured fixtures and materials during renovations+ B      Up to $2,000
Landscaping and garden re-establishment costs+ B      Up to $10,000
Emergency accommodation* BC      
Contents moved permanently to a new site+ C      
Temporary accommodation for pets* C    Up to $5,000  Up to $5,000
Emergency storage of contents+ C      
Funeral expenses* C    Up to $10,000  Up to $15,000
Frozen food loss C    Up to $500  Up to $2,000
Credit card loss C    Up to $1,000  Up to $5,000
Contents in the open air at the site+ C    Limited cover  
Contents temporarily removed to other places in Australia+ C    Limited cover  
Contents in a bank safe deposit box within Australia C    Limited cover  
Contents in a commercial storage facility C      
Contents in transit C      Limited cover
Veterinary expenses C      Up to $500
Loss of computer records+ C      Up to $3,000

~ limits and exclusions apply. Refer to PDS. Table applicable to new business cover dated on or after 26 October 2015. If you took out a policy before 26 October 2015, please refer to the PDS which is applicable to you at the bottom of this page.

* paid in addition to your home and/or contents sum insured.

+ paid as part of your building and/or contents sum insured.

Special contents and personal valuables

Within a Contents policy you have automatic, but limited cover, for jewellery, watches, artwork and collectibles that are usually kept in your home.

  • To cover jewellery and watches totalling more than the limits, you can take out optional Personal Valuables cover.
  • To cover artwork, collections and collectibles totalling more than the limits, you can list them as 'specified items' within your Contents policy.

How to apply

How to renew

  • Call 13 22 66
  • BPAY® using the biller code and reference number on the payment slip
  • Over the counter at an Australia Post office

How to claim

When something happens to your home and the things you love, we know you’ll want help fast. So making a claim with us is simple.

Step 1: Submit your claim

Step 2: You also need to...

  • Advise the police immediately if the damage is malicious, property has been stolen or lost or your home has been illegally entered
  • Don’t allow anyone to repair the property until we have had a chance to inspect it.

Step 3: Provide us with the following information

We’ll send you a letter confirming your claim and case number, plus any further information or documents we may need you to provide, such as copies of original receipts for items you’re claiming and the police report.

How long does it take to settle a claim?

If no further information is needed, we’ll settle your claim within 10 business days after receiving your documentation.

Like some help?

If you need to send in documents relating to your claim, our details are below.

Please note your claim number on the documents or subject line:

Fax: 1300 200 850

Email: hcclaims@bankofmelbourne.com.au

Postal: GPO Box 4451

Sydney NSW 2001

If you need assistance, or want to track your claim, call us on 1300 020 266 and quote your case number.

The Detail

Things you should know: Cover is subject to your application for insurance being accepted.

* For eligible policies purchased between 12am AEDT on 01/02/2017 and 11:59pm AEDT 31/03/2017, up to the maximum value of $5,000.Promotion opens 12am AEDT on 01/02/17 and closes 11.59pm AEDT on 31/03/2017. Entry is open to all Australian residents aged 18 years or over. Westpac Group employees and contractors are not eligible to enter. To enter the promotion, successfully purchase a policy under any of the following Bank of Melbourne products: Bank of Melbourne Home and Contents Insurance, Bank of Melbourne Landlord Insurance and Bank of Melbourne Motor Insurance (each an “Eligible Policy”). Winners are drawn daily at random at 11am at Level 13, 2 Market St Sydney 2000. Winners notified in writing or via phone and their names will be published in the Public Notices section of The Australian Newspaper on 10/02/17, 24/02/17, 10/03/17, 24/03/17, and 07/04/17. The promoter is Westpac General Insurance Limited, ABN 99 003 719 319. Authorised under trade promotion permits: ACT Permit No: TP 17/00115, SA Permit No T17/111, NSW Permit No LTPS/17/11114.

Home and Contents Insurance is issued by Westpac General Insurance Limited ABN 99 003 719 319 (except workers compensation cover where applicable).  Bank of Melbourne – a Division of Westpac Banking Corporation ABN 33 007 457 141 (the Bank) distributes the insurance, but does not guarantee the insurance.  This information does not take into account your personal circumstances. Read the Product Disclosure Statement, to see if this insurance is right for you. 

Product Disclosure Statements (PDS)

Key Facts Sheets (KFS)

Financial Services Guide (FSG)

1 This insurance is optional and not a condition of the loan. You can choose to cover your property with another insurer.

+ Receive a 10% discount on your annual premiums when you combine both your home and contents at the same address under one policy.