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Moving out of home? You might need renters insurance

It’s time. You’ve packed your bags, said your goodbyes and flown the coop – or you’re thinking of the big move out, at least. But there’s more to moving out than cardboard boxes and fond farewells. You need to think about how you and your belongings will be covered now that you’re no longer at home on and covered on mum dad’s insurance policies.

Here, we run through the types of insurance you should consider when you leave home.

Renters insurance

Renters insurance, also known as rental property insurance, can provide cover if your possessions are damaged or stolen. It’s a handy thing to have – because while your landlord is responsible for insuring the building you live in, they’re not responsible for insuring your personal belongings.     

Many people think they don’t need renters insurance, believing that their possessions aren’t worth much. Think about how much it would cost to repurchase your clothing, furniture, appliances, watch, jewellery, electronics, artworks or collectibles? Renters insurance could offer cover for the replacement value of your contents for as little as $10,000, which could mean that you are paying less than what you might expect for peace of mind.

Renters insurance usually covers things such as furniture, jewellery, artworks and sporting equipment – but often includes liability, too. This means that if someone injures themselves while visiting the property you rent, your legal liability may be covered. 

As well as considering what is and isn’t covered  by a policy, it’s important to consider who will be doing the covering. 

Unfortunately, you can’t take renters insurance out for individual rooms, so if you’re moving out to a  share house, you won’t be able to protect your room alone. What you can do, however, is sit down with your flatmates and have a chat about renters insurance for the entire property. Then, depending on whether or not they want to chip in, you can add or leave their belongings off the valuable items list. It’s as simple as that. 

You may be wondering whether insurance is expensive, given you’re about to become responsible for a range of new expenses. The answer? Well, it depends. You can choose between different levels of cover to find a policy that suits you and your budget. 

Building insurance

If you’re moving out of home for the first time, it’s more than likely that your moving into a rental property. For you, renters insurance should be a priority. But if you’re one of the fortunate few who are moving into a home of your own, then building insurance is something you must also consider. 

Building insurance provides cover for the permanent fixtures and fittings of your building in the event of loss or damage. Generally, it covers the cost of repair, replacement or rebuilding if the damage is caused by fires, storms and floods. Loss or damage caused by theft and malicious acts is usually covered too.

However, it’s important to note that – depending on your insurer and the level of cover you’ve chosen – building insurance may exclude loss or damage caused by things like general wear and tear, neglect of your property and bad workmanship.

There are two main types of building insurance: sum insured and total replacement. A sum insured policy covers repairing or rebuilding your home up to a fixed amount, chosen by you. It’s generally the cheaper of the two options. A total replacement policy, on the other hand, covers the total cost of repairing or rebuilding your home.


Moving out of home for the first time is one of the most exciting and significant things you’ll ever do. By insuring all your first and cherished possessions against loss or damage, and covering yourself for any potential liabilities, you’ll be doing your future self a massive favour.  

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