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Bank of Melbourne is continuing to support Melbourne’s much-loved hospitality industry in 2021, following a contribution of more than $250,000 to the sector late last year. This impactful contribution has been made to assist Melbourne’s vibrant hospitality scene after month’s of difficulty in 2020. As part of the contribution, Bank of Melbourne distributed restaurant vouchers to 2,000 pre-selected customers at one of 10 restaurants across Melbourne – all of which are valued business customers of Bank of Melbourne. The contribution also extended to SecondBite, with a donation that provided 100,000 meals to vulnerable Victorian’s experiencing food insecurity. Currently, Bank of Melbourne is showcasing four business customers in the sector across social channels.

It’s never been more important to step up and back local restaurants. Bank of Melbourne is encouraging Melbournians to do just that, by booking a table or buying a voucher. Bank of Melbourne Chief Executive Mark Melvin said the Bank hopes the initiative will lead to a flow of diners.

“It has been a challenging time for small businesses, and hospitality has been one of the most impacted industries. We wanted to do our part in helping some of our inspiring hospitality customers get back on their feet after a difficult time, through giving back to their businesses while rewarding some of our Victorian customers. We would encourage all Melburnians to think about ways to support small businesses and the hospitality sector, if they are in a position to do so,” he said.

Bank of Melbourne is embedded in Melbourne's food and wine scene as a proud partner of the iconic Melbourne Food & Wine Festival for almost a decade.

Anthea Loucas Bosha, CEO of Food & Wine Victoria feels the hospitality sector needs all the support it can get:

“The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit by COVID-19, unable to trade in any meaningful way for more than six months. One of the most difficult aspects for them trying to navigate a post COVID-world is the uncertainty around a revenue pipeline. The Bank of Melbourne hospitality initiative has the ability to be a shining light in a difficult time to give businesses hope, and confidence, as they reopen and rebuild,” she said.

Hope is something these businesses need.

“Words cannot begin to describe the impact and that gratitude that I have for Bank of Melbourne's initiative. The gift vouchers generated not only a sense of community, but brought clients and customers together as one. As a business owner, I applaud this initiative whole heartedly. It supported businesses not only financially, but created movement once again in our restaurants and engendered a new customer base," said St Cloud Eating House and Youngs Wine Room Owner & Bank of Melbourne customer, James Klapanis.

So, whether it’s pasta or phở, seafood or steak, make sure to eat out with friends and family and help bring Melbourne’s much loved dining scene back to life.

Book a table. Buy a voucher. Support Melbourne hospitality.