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Corporate eStatement Portal FAQs

We’re pleased to confirm an exciting change to the way business statements can be accessed. Starting early April 2024, eligible transaction and savings accounts will have statements accessible online through our Corporate eStatements Portal as secure and convenient eStatements.

We’re working to create a better statement experience for our business customers. Please see our FAQs below explaining the initial capability that will be available from early April 2024. We'll be adding further improvements into the future.

The Corporate eStatements Portal is a secure online portal that hosts the digital version of statements for eligible business transaction and savings accounts, referred to as eStatements. Key benefits include:

  1. eStatements are exactly the same as regular paper statements, just in a digital format.
  2. eStatements are securely accessible anytime from the Corporate eStatements Portal and new eStatements issued from April 2024 will be archived for 7 years from the statement period end date.
  3. eStatements are more convenient to search and review and can be downloaded in PDF file format.

Important things you should know about the Corporate eStatements Portal

  1. eStatements are accessed in the Corporate eStatements Portal and remain subject to system availability. 
  2. Migration to eStatements is based on consent provided by the account holder and/or authorised signatory(ies) of the Legal Entity with authority to operate on the eligible business account(s), who provided authority for the eStatement Notifications and supporting communications to be directed to the Administrator.
  3. eStatements are only available for eligible savings and transaction accounts. For any ineligible accounts, you will continue to be sent the paper statements via mail and should ensure you keep your mailing address up to date.
  4. The eStatements will then be accessible for 7 years from early April 2024.
  5. Please ensure your email address and mobile number is kept up to date in Business Banking Online and check your notifications.
  6. Statements are an important part of your banking and finances in general. Please be advised that:
    • All entries on statements should be checked carefully and any apparent or possible unauthorised transaction promptly reported to us
    • All transactions will appear on the account statement, however the statement narrative will not identify the initiator of the transaction
    • You should retain transaction records or transaction record numbers to confirm against items appearing on the statement of your account
    • Statements cannot be sent to a branch for collection, unless in exceptional circumstances
    • Please notify us within three months of receiving your statement of account, of any claims regarding lack of authority, discrepancies or forgery, including if there is any cheque noted on your statement which we have paid but you did not authorise, or if any other amount has been debited to your account without your authority. Notifying us as soon as possible will assist any claim you may need to make.
  7. The bank has a legal obligation to provide a statement of account, in the event that eStatement digital notifications fail to be delivered by email to the Administrator (i.e we receive an email bounce back) we will revert to a paper statement for that particular account statement cycle. You will remain enrolled in eStatements.
  8. Registration to the Corporate eStatements Portal is provided to a single Administrator. The statements of accounts that will be available within the Corporate eStatements Portal are all eligible Business savings and transaction accounts that are owned by the business.
  9. If the Administrator is removed from BBO, their access will also be revoked from the Corporate eStatements Portal and will revert the business to paper statements until new functionality is made available which will allow you to select a nominated Administrator as required. 
  10. Currently there is no ability to change the access level or limit the account statements that can be reviewed within the Corporate eStatements Portal. This means that those registered with access to the Portal will have access to review and download account statements for all eligible Business savings and transaction accounts.
  11. If arrangements are in place with the bank for a third party who is not the BBO Administrator to receive duplicate paper statements (for example, an accountant), these individuals will no longer receive statements for the account(s) after early April 2024. After moving to eStatements, it will be the responsibility of the Administrator to download the statements and securely distribute to the third party where appropriate.