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Bank of Melbourne’s partnership budget is committed to projects well in advance.

When reviewing partnership requests, Bank of Melbourne applies the same rigorous assessment criteria to all proposals received. This is to ascertain whether the opportunity complements our marketing strategy.

As a general rule, Bank of Melbourne does not support activities where we are not granted exclusivity (i.e. as the only financial institution).

Activities that Bank of Melbourne will not support include:

  • Political parties
  • Divisive social issues and events, e.g. beauty pageants
  • Denominational religions
  • Organisations that are in the business of gambling, alcohol or drugs, e.g. betting agencies or manufacturers of alcoholic beverages.

Requests for partnership can be sent to:

When submitting a request for partnership, please provide the following details as a minimum:

  • A one-page executive summary
  • The defined target audience for your event
  • A detailed outline of project and/or activity plans
  • Start and finish dates
  • Implementation timeframes
  • Location and venue lists
  • Performance evaluation techniques
  • Details and credentials of the partnership management team, including resumes
  • Strategies to launch, publicise and promote the partnership
  • Cost of partnership

Other things you could consider including, include:

  • What is being offered to Bank of Melbourne?
  • Will Bank of Melbourne be included in all advertising and promotion of the event?
  • Ticket allocation (if applicable)
  • Opportunity to present awards (if applicable)
  • Opportunities to benefit our customers
  • Business opportunities
  • Details of other partners