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Online identity verification terms

A.        By proceeding with online identity verification, you:

(a)    agree to Bank of Melbourne making identity verification requests, either directly or via Frankie Financial Pty Ltd ABN 61 623 506 892 (FrankieOne) (verification requests) and disclosing your name, residential address, and date of birth (personal information) electronically on your behalf, using one or more of the following parties:

(i)     Equifax Pty Limited, ABN 29 080 662 568 (Equifax) and Equifax Australia Information Services and Solutions Pty Limited, ABN 26 000 602 862 (EAISS); and/or

(ii)    Experian Australia Credit Services Pty Ltd ABN 12 150 305 838 (Experian);

(iii)   Private sector organisations that hold personal information collected for other purposes (Other Third Parties); and  

(b)   agree to appoint Bank of Melbourne as your agent to contact Commonwealth and State Government agencies and private sector organisations (who are official record holders or database owners) electronically on your behalf, using any one or more (or all) of Equifax, EAISS, Experian and/or Other Third Parties, to match your personal information and details of your identity documents to the personal information you have provided to Bank of Melbourne,

in accordance with these terms, and:

you confirm that you are:

  • authorised to provide the personal information presented, including details of your identity documents; and
  • aware that you can also attend a branch with your identity documents to have your identity verified; and

you also declare that:

  • to the best of your knowledge the information you have provided is true and correct at the date of your application; and
  • you understand that providing a false or misleading information is an offence under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF Act).

B.         Making verification requests:

EAISS and Experian are credit reporting bodies. We may ask EAISS or Experian or both of them to provide an assessment of whether your personal information matches (in whole or part) to personal information held by them. We do this only for the purpose of verifying your identity as required under the AML/CTF Act. We may make these requests directly of EAISS and/or Experian, or via FrankieOne, who may pass on your personal information to these parties to conduct their assessment.

FrankieOne may also pass on your personal information to Equifax, Experian or Other Third Parties as part of a verification request. 

EAISS and/or Experian may prepare and provide a verification assessment to us, and each of them may use the personal information provided by Bank of Melbourne, and the personal information held by them (including personal information of other individuals) to prepare the verification assessment. FrankieOne may use the results of the verification assessments and will collect your personal information to assist with monitoring and improving the services they provide to us (such as checking for systems outages and rectifying errors) and may share these results with us.


Your personal information will be handled in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act). When making a verification request, your personal information is considered to be “credit information” under the Privacy Act.

C.         Privacy notification for dealing with credit information

Credit information

We will disclose identity information (which is a type of credit information) about you to a credit reporting body to verify your identity by comparing your information against information held by that credit reporting body. The information that we disclose will consist only of your name, date of birth and residential address.

If you apply for consumer credit, we will also:

  • obtain consumer credit information about you from a credit reporting body to enable us to assess your creditworthiness;
  • exchange personal information and credit information about you with other credit providers to assess your application and creditworthiness if you are applying for consumer credit, and to notify them of any defaults by you;
  • give or obtain an opinion about your creditworthiness, including to or from other credit providers.

To ensure we are meeting our requirements and to allow the most up-to-date information to be considered as part of the application process and/or to verify your identity, we may be required to do any or all of these things on one or more occasions.

The Privacy page of our website includes a “Statement of Notifiable Matters”. These are matters you should be aware of in relation to the use and disclosure of your credit information. This statement includes:

  • details of the credit reporting bodies to which we are likely to disclose your credit information, the types of credit information we may give them and how this information will be used;
  • your rights over your credit information, including how you can access and correct your information and make complaints;
  • your rights to direct a credit reporting body to limit the use of your information for direct marketing purposes and what protections are available if you believe you are a victim of fraud; and
  • information about our Credit Reporting Policy

You can call us on 132 032 or visit us in branch for a hard copy of the Statement of Notifiable Matters or our Credit Reporting Policy.

D.        Identity verification requests: Databases held by official record holders and database owners

Equifax and/or EAISS own and/or manage the following databases:

  • Consumer Credit Report
  • Commercial Credit Report
  • Equifax Public Records
  • National Tenancy database
  • Insurance Reference Database
  • Equifax Phone Number Directory

Experian own and/or manage the following databases:

  • Credit File Header Data

Commonwealth Agencies:

  • Services Australia - Medicare
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Passport Office
  • Department of Home Affairs – Visa Entitlement Verification Online
  • Australian Electoral Commission – Commonwealth Electoral Roll

Various State and Territory Government Authorities:

  • ACT Road Transport Authority
  • NSW Transport Roads and Maritime Services
  • QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • VIC VicRoads
  • WA - Department of Transport
  • SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
  • NT - Department of Transport
  • TAS - Department of State Growth Transport
  • Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages

Private sector organisations:

(a)       Third party databases that hold your personal information for purposes including, but not limited to, payroll information and/or superannuation contribution information provided by your employer(s).  

(b)       Centrix:

  • New Zealand Drivers Licence
  • New Zealand Motor Vehicle Registration
  • New Zealand Birth Certificate
  • New Zealand Citizenship
  •  New Zealand Passport

Note: The confirmation of your identity using credit information will not be recorded as an enquiry on your consumer credit report.