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Simplify and save


Want to save on credit card interest?

If you have an existing credit card balance with another Australian bank, financial institution or store card1, then you may consider transferring the balance to Bank of Melbourne to save money on interest.

To find out about our current balance transfer offers.


Transferring to a new card?

  • Apply online in 10 minutes, get a response in 60 seconds.
  • Consolidate up to 3 non-Bank of Melbourne Australian issued credit, charge or store cards.
  • Transfer up to 80% of the limit available on the relevant new Bank of Melbourne credit card.
  • See product pages for ‘Special Offers’.


Transferring to an existing card?


  • Request a balance transfer online at any time in 5 minutes, get a response in 60 seconds.
  • Transfer up to 2 non-Bank of Melbourne credit, charge or store cards to your existing Bank of Melbourne credit card.
  • Transfer up to 80% of the limit available on the relevant new Bank of Melbourne credit card.
  • For information on balance transfer interest rates and to apply for a balance transfer1 visit Internet Banking. After any promotion period the balance transfer rate will revert to the variable cash advance rate on your card.
  • Joint Credit Card Accounts not eligible for Balance Transfers.


Before you apply

To improve the likelihood your application is approved and in a timely manner, please read this section carefully before applying.

  • You’re aged 18 or over
  • You’re an Australian citizen or have a permanent residency visa
  • You have a regular, verifiable income
  • You have a residential address in Australia.
  • You’re regularly meeting your repayment obligations for other credit card or loan accounts
  • You’ve considered whether you need to keep any credit accounts you no longer use – e.g.: store cards.

As part of reviewing your application we look at the information on your credit report, which is produced by an independent credit bureau. This report shows a snapshot of your liabilities, available credit, and your repayment behaviour for these accounts. To learn more about credit reporting in Australia visit

It’s a good idea to view your own credit report and check your details are correct before starting your application. You can do this for free by visiting the credit bureau website directly, or via We work with three bureaus: Equifax, illion and Experian, so you might like to check the report produced by each of them.

Before starting your application, make sure you have everything in the list below:
  • All existing liabilities that are in your name (e.g. personal loans, other credit or store cards, ‘interest-free’ instalment purchases, home loan)
  • Your income information from the last 3 months, such as payslips, bank statements and rental income (you won’t need this if your pay already goes into a Bank of Melbourne bank account)
  • All your regular monthly expenses (including school fees, insurance, bills etc.)
  • Your frequent flyer number (if applying for a Rewards card)
  • Your balance transfer credit card details (if applying for a Balance Transfer).

If you’re an existing Bank of Melbourne customer, you’ll also need to:

  • Apply as an existing customer in the application form, which includes logging in to your account
  • Once logged in, double-check that your personal details (name, address etc) are up-to-date. If not, log in to internet banking to update them.
Any errors in the details you provide could delay processing, or even mean you are declined. Again, checking against your credit report can help here.

Every time you apply for any form of credit, your credit history is checked by the credit provider. This is listed as an enquiry on your report. Multiple applications can be seen as a red flag and reduce your chances of approval.

Transferring your balance is easy

  1. Start an online application for the credit card of your choice
  2. Select YES within the form that you would like to transfer a balance to your new Bank of Melbourne credit card
  3. Supply card details for the balance you would like to transfer
  4. Complete the transfer by activating your new card.


Choose from one of the following options to transfer up to 2 non-Bank of Melbourne credit or store cards to your existing Bank of Melbourne credit card1:

Note: Joint Credit Card Accounts not eligible for Balance Transfers



Request a balance transfer online or if you haven't already registered for Internet and Mobile Banking register now.


In branch

Via the APP

Once logged in, select "Services" and then select "Transfer credit card balance" under "My Cards".


Via phone

Call 13 22 66 to arrange a balance transfer over the phone.


Balance Transfer FAQs

The Detail

Conditions and fees apply. Credit criteria apply to all credit products

Before making a decision, it's best to read the terms and conditions.

Please read these documents and keep a copy. You can request a paper copy at a branch.

1. Bank of Melbourne credit card customers can request up to two balance transfers from another store, charge or credit card (excluding St.George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne credit cards) to their Bank of Melbourne credit card account. For existing Bank of Melbourne credit cards, refer to Internet Banking for the Balance Transfer rate and promotion period. You can transfer min. $200 up to 80% of your approved available credit limit. The variable cash advance rate will apply to any unpaid balance transfer amount remaining at the end of the promotional period. If a Balance Transfer fee applies it will be charged to the card account on the same day the balance transfer(s) are debited. Joint Credit Card Accounts aren’t eligible for Balance Transfers.