We protect you

Bank of Melbourne guarantees your Phone and Internet Banking security with Bank of Melbourne Secure. With years of experience in online banking, we take pride in our excellent security record. And we continue to safeguard your financial and personal information with ongoing improvements to our systems and security measures.

Read more about our commitment to you, Bank of Melbourne Secure, and our security technologies.

Our commitment

Maintaining the security and confidentiality of your personal and financial information is our priority.

Privacy reforms

The Federal Government has made significant changes to the Australian Privacy Act.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policy describes how Bank of Melbourne protects and safeguards your financial information as well as how we comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.

Credit Reporting Policy

Our Credit Reporting Policy explains how we manage your credit information. Our handling of credit information is regulated by the Privacy Act and the Credit Reporting Privacy Code.

Notifiable Matters

Our Statement of Notifiable Matters compliments our Credit Reporting Policy and provides information on the entities to whom we may disclose your credit information as well as information on certain rights you have in relation to your credit information.

Bank of Melbourne Secure

Be confident that you are safe and secure. We guarantee it with Bank of Melbourne Secure. In the unlikely event that an unauthorised transaction does occur (and it is clear you have not contributed to the losses*), Bank of Melbourne will refund the full amount.

Our security measures

Our security technologies and processes ensure your information and accounts are protected.

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The Detail

We will never send emails that request you to enter your personal information or redirect you to logon to Internet Banking. Always access Internet Banking by typing www.bankofmelbourne.com.au directly into the address field of your Internet browser, and then clicking on the logon button on the home page.