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Bank of Melbourne Verify

Bank of Melbourne Verify is a new addition to the many ways in which we help keep you safe from scams.

  • If Bank of Melbourne Verify detects a payment may be a scam, including when the account name doesn’t match the recipient or when money is being sent to an account Bank of Melbourne has never transacted with before, we’ll send you an SMS.
  • If you receive an SMS from us requesting you verbally validate payee details, we strongly urge you to take action and call your payee (on a trusted phone number) to verify the BSB and account number. Payment redirection scams are commonly targeting Australian's and tricking people into paying to a new or different BSB and Account Number. The result often being consumer or business financial loss.
  • To keep your money safe, we will hold the payment for 4 hours, giving you time to call the payee and verify the information is correct. If we don’t hear from you, the transaction will proceed once the hold time has been reached.

Protecting you against fraudulent transactions

Your Internet Banking and Credit Card transactions have unique security guarantees, helping to protect you from fraud. Fraud is when someone gains access to your accounts or details for the purpose of making illegal transactions.

Qualifying for Bank of Melbourne's security guarantees

Bank of Melbourne Secure

  • Have not shared your logon details or secure codes 
  • Have not voluntarily participated in the transaction 
  • Immediately informed us of any unauthorised activity 

Fraud Money Back Guarantee 

  • Unauthorised transaction made without your knowledge
  • Reported promptly within your billing cycle
  • Haven't voluntarily agreed to the transaction

Protect yourself

Find out simple hints and tips to protect yourself from fraud and scams.

How to Report

Know how to report suspicious behaviour, unusual activity, disputed transactions and security threats.

Types of scams and fraud

Scammers are very active in our community. The more we know about scams and share this knowledge with family and friends the better we’ll be at protecting each other and reducing their impact on the community.

The Detail

Bank of Melbourne Secure: If your Bank of Melbourne account is compromised due to Internet Banking fraud, we guarantee to repay any missing funds, provided you complied with our Internet Banking Terms and Conditions. This includes keeping your logon details (including passwords, Bank of Melbourne Secure codes) private, not participating in the unauthorised transaction, and immediately notifying us when you suspect an unauthorised transaction or potential fraud on your accounts.

Fraud Money Back Guarantee: Our Bank of Melbourne Fraud Money Back Guarantee ensures that you will be reimbursed for any unauthorised transactions provided that you have not contributed to the loss and contacted Bank of Melbourne promptly. Refer to your card’s conditions of use for full details, including when a customer will be liable.