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Bank of Melbourne Secure

Bank online with an even greater level of security

With Bank of Melbourne you can rest assured that your banking is safe and secure using either the Phone or Internet.

That's because we safeguard your information and money with stringent security measures on both our Internet and Phone Banking services.

In the unlikely event that an unauthorised transaction does occur (and it is clear you have not contributed to the losses*), Bank of Melbourne will refund the full amount.


Secure Code

Internet Banking is now safer than ever with our Secure Code service. The Secure Code service sends a unique code to your mobile phone or nominated landline telephone to authenticate certain types of Internet Banking transactions.

  • Enjoy peace of mind online. This level of security further prevents unauthorised access to your accounts and lowers your risk of identity theft and fraud.
  • It’s fast, flexible and convenient. Choose to have the Secure Code sent to your mobile phone or landline telephone and you will receive it in seconds.
  • Its free. We will not charge you for the phone call or receipt of the SMS.


Using the Secure Code service

Using the Secure Code service is easy. Follow these tips for the best experience.

  • Use only current Australian mobile and landline numbers
    If you would like to update your telephone numbers or if you do not have an Australian phone number, call 13 22 66 (or +61 3 8536 7870 from overseas) for assistance.
  • Provide all three contact numbers (Home, Work and Mobile) so you can continue to bank online, wherever you are
    When requesting a Secure Code you will be asked to select your preferred delivery method and number (an SMS to your mobile phone or a voice call to your landline telephone) for that particular Internet Banking transaction.
  • A mobile number is ideal, as it travels with you
    A Secure Code can be sent to your Australian mobile phone number wherever you are, even overseas if you have global roaming activated.
  • Do not use switchboard or fax numbers
    Please ensure the numbers provided are a direct line to you.
  • Protect your Secure Code like you would a password or a PIN and never give it to anyone else.


Business customers

All Internet Banking customers can enjoy the increased protection that the Secure Code Service delivers. If you are a Business customer, you will need to nominate one Work landline phone number or one Mobile phone number to receive the Secure Code. Please do not use switchboard or fax numbers.

We are continually assessing our technology to ensure we provide the best security for you. To keep your information secure, we safeguard our systems in the following ways:

  • Anti-virus protection stops threats before they reach our computer network.
  • Firewalls prevent unauthorised access to our network.
  • Secure transmissions maintain confidential information. Encryption technology such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is utilised when sending information between you and the bank. Security is achieved through:
    • Authentication to establish the validity of a transmission; this prevents another computer from impersonating the bank.
    • Encryption to scramble transmitted data over the Internet.
    • Data integrity to verify that information sent to us has not been altered during the transmission process.


Additional online security features

Automatic time out period

We recommend that you not leave your computer unattended when logged into Internet Banking. However, after a period of inactivity we will automatically log you out to reduce the risk of anyone else accessing your account information on your computer.


To prevent someone from trying to guess your Password, access to Internet Banking will be blocked after a number of unsuccessful logon attempts.

Time of last logon

To confirm that there has been no unauthorised access to your account, when you logon to Internet Banking you will see the date and time of your last visit, and the details of your last online transaction.

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The Detail

* Subject to the account's terms and conditions.