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I’ve paid off my home loan. What’s next?

Congratulations, now let’s release the mortgage

To remove the mortgage from your property and enjoy the financial freedom of owning your own home, you'll need to follow and complete the instructions on the Property and Security Release form, including any associated costs.



I want to pay off my home loan faster 

5 simple strategies to get you there sooner:

  • Choose the right rate type for your needs
  • Consider principal and interest repayments
  • Pay extra payments and more frequently
  • You may save on interest if an offset is possible
  • Look at setting a shorter home loan term.

Set up offset

You could use your savings to help reduce the interest you'll pay with an offset account. Use offset with an applicable variable loan.

Set up an offset account

Make extra repayments

By making extra repayments, up to $30,0001 on a fixed rate loan, you could shave years off your home loan.

Extra repayment calculator

Compare interest rates

Fixed rates tend to be lower than variable ones, but it's more important to choose the right loan for your needs.

Featured interest rates

Ready for your next property?

Start your next home buyer journey

Whether you're upgrading to a bigger home or downsizing for retirement, we'll be with you to guide you all the way.


The Detail

1Break costs: $30,000 prepayment threshold for the entire fixed period without break costs or fees applying. For fixed rate loans taken up prior to 18 August 2019, customers can make prepayments of up to the $10,000 prepayment threshold in each 12 month period without break cost or fees applying. Prepayment break costs are explained in the Things You Should Know About Break Costs (PDF 35KB).