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Understanding you and your industy - property
At Bank of Melbourne, we’re committed to helping businesses continue to invest in and develop the Australian property landscape.

With decades of experience in the property industry, Bank of Melbourne has the respect, experience and foresight to support the shifting needs of businesses. We know some of the best ways to fund your next round of investments, manage cash flow, optimise development opportunities and provide certainty around interest rate movements.

We know Property

Information is powerful and our team is always up to date with the latest property trends. We have an in-depth knowledge of the local regulatory landscape, and can offer a fresh perspective on national and local issues.  We hold a truly unique insight into the market and can identify rising opportunities and give you an edge over the competition.

Maximising market opportunities

Our clients maximise success in investment and construction projects when they are able to take advantage of opportunities quickly, mitigate future risks and manage unforeseen challenges. This requires us to stay on top of market trends, local knowledge and the latest in building innovation and efficiency.

We want to help you grow by connecting you with our trusted network of banking specialists, property valuers, quantity surveyors, engineers and consultants.

Our passionate team is committed to supporting investors, developers and builders of commercial, industrial and residential property. From project planning and risk management through to fast tracking applications for investment or construction loans – our extended team are able to provide expert insight and knowledge at each stage of a venture.

Connecting business owners with industry banking experts

Working with business banking professionals focused exclusively on Property could make the difference in the day-to-day running and future of your business.

Key sectors

  • Construction and Development
  • Investment


Next steps

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