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Sending Money Overseas - Other Banks Fees

In addition to the Bank of Melbourne fees for International Payments, the amount received by the payee may be reduced by:

  • Bank of Melbourne’s correspondent bank (“Correspondent Bank Fee”); and
  • Other overseas banks involved in the international payment, including the payment recipient’s bank (“Other Banks Fees”) may apply

This could result in the recipient receiving less than the amount you originally sent.  An estimate of such fees and charges can be determined through the currency converter based on the currency of the payment and the country / region the payment is being sent to.

If you transact with Bank of Melbourne, you will not be charged a Correspondent Bank Fee for your international payments in over 10 currencies. These include USD, NZD, EUR, GBP and INR.

Important information about the estimated other bank fees:

  • Information in the currency converter contains an estimate of Other Banks Fees based on data obtained from SWIFT. For an estimate of fees that may apply to your payment, please use the currency converter.

  • The currency converter is intended to be used as a guide. There may be significant variance in the actual amount deducted by another overseas bank compared to the estimated fees in the calculator.