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How can I send money overseas?

You can transfer to an international bank account using the 'Overseas Transfers' function, located within the Transfers, Payments & BPAY® menu.  

What details do you need to send money overseas?

Recipient details


  • Recipient's full name
  • Home address


Recipient's bank details

  • Account name
  • Bank account number or International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
  • SWIFT/BIC code of their bank

How much and how long?

Transfers in a foreign currency via Internet Banking
AUD $0 fee per transaction 
Transfers in Australian dollars via Internet Banking
AUD $20 fee per transaction
How long does it take for the money to arrive?
International payments usually take 1-3 business days to reach the recipient, it may take longer depending on the country and receiving bank. There is a daily transfer limit of AUD $50,000 to international accounts.

In addition to the fees charged by Bank of Melbourne [and any conversion of proceeds], an international payment may also result in additional fees and charges being deducted by:

  • one or more other overseas banks involved in the international payment (an "Other Banks Fee"); and/or
  • the payment recipient's bank.

This could result in the recipient receiving less than the amount you originally sent.  An estimate of Sending Money Overseas -  Other Banks Fees can be found using our currency converter, based on the currency of the payment and the country/region the payment is being sent to.

Payments to the selected country is only available for amounts AUD $1,000 and above, or the foreign currency equivalent value. The countries currently subject to the restriction are Cambodia, Ghana, Indonesia, Laos, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. This condition is subject to change from time to time at our discretion.


17 currencies available

(British Pounds)

(New Zealand Dollars)

(United States Dollars)

(Japanese Yen)


The Detail

Before using Internet and Mobile Banking please read the Bank of Melbourne Internet and Phone Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF 479KB). In order to facilitate your payment, overseas banks may convert the payment or impose additional fees or charges. We may receive commissions or other benefits from other financial institutions. Any overseas financial institution handling charges will by default be borne by the recipient of the International Payment and deducted from the payment amount, unless otherwise organised.

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