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Periodical Payment

Periodical Payment is a transfer of funds that we make on a regular basis at your request from your Bank of Melbourne account to another specific account.

Phone Banking

A telephone banking service that allows you to perform transactions and access information about your account using any touchtone telephone.


PIN means a personal identification number or word used in conjunction with a card.

Progress Payments

Payments/instalments advanced on a construction loan which, during the construction period, are paid by the lender to a builder as the building progresses. Progress payments are made on completion of pre-determined and agreed stages of construction.

Principal and interest loan

A loan made under a principal and interest repayment condition is the most common form of housing loan. The repayments are calculated so that over the term of the loan, both the principal amount borrowed initially and the interest payable over the term of the loan, are repaid in full by the end of the loan’s term.