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Feel safe with our Bank of Melbourne Mobile Banking App


You can take action to protect your information by following these tips to keep your mobile banking device more secure. Check them out! 

1. Use your biometrics to logon

Biometrics is a more secure way to bank, allowing you to use your own unique physical characteristics (such as FaceID or fingerprint) to log onto your mobile banking. Quick logon cuts down the risk of identity theft or unauthorised access.

2. Turn on Mobile Notifications

Mobile Notifications are a simple way to stay in touch with your money and the activities on your account. With real-time alerts for your accounts and payments, including balance, deposit and withdrawal notifications, and credit card repayment and account overdrawn alerts, you can stay informed without having to sign in. Setting up Mobile Notifications could help in the early detection of fraudulent activity and help you manage your finances.

3. Keep your contact details up to date

Make sure your contact details are always up to date with your bank. When your info is current, Secure Codes and alerts get sent right to you, making it easier to verify transactions and keep your account secure. This way, you can quickly catch and respond to any suspicious activity, keeping your money safe.

4. Turn on mobile app permissions

Giving us the permissions we ask for may help protect you from fraud. For example, letting us access your location helps us spot unusual activity from places you don’t normally go. You can learn more about the data we collect and the features we use, by checking out the Mobile App permissions for iPhone and Android.

5. Security Wellbeing Check

Take the smart route and visit the Security Wellbeing Check. It’s a list of safety measures designed to provide valuable insights into your digital security habits and enhance your protection. This empowers you to help stay ahead of cyber threats, helping to ensure that your internet and mobile banking experience remains safe and secure.

As technology advances, cyber threats do too. We’re dedicated to keeping your information safe, but you also play a crucial role. Make sure you keep your app up to date to get the latest security features and always report any unusual account activity to us right away.