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Why Maxi Saver?


maxi saver


The Maxi Saver is a flexible savings account where you can easily access your money and still earn interest. Unlimited online transactions mean you can move your money between your Maxi Saver and your linked Bank of Melbourne transaction account whenever you want. New Maxi Saver customers earn a bonus interest rate for the first 3 months after the account has been opened.



Rates and fees

Total introductory rate
The rate for the first 3 months as a new Maxi Saver customer.
The introductory rate is a combination of the standard variable rate of % p.a. and a fixed bonus rate of % p.a.
Full rate schedule

% p.a.

Standard variable rate
The rate after the first 3 months. 
All variable rates are subject to change.

% p.a.

The Maxi Saver account must be linked to an eligible Bank of Melbourne transaction account. We will set up a Complete Freedom transaction account for you, when you open a new Maxi Saver account.

$0.00 Monthly service fee

$2.50  Staff assisted (branch and telephone)

$2.00  Frequent statement (Request a statement outside of cycle)

What's included

Easy access
Unlimited online access to your savings with a linked transaction account.

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Uncapped saving
Interest is calculated on the total balance of your Maxi Saver with no limit on deposit amounts.

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Government guarantee 
The Financial Claims Scheme guarantees deposits to a cap of $250,000 per account-holder.

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In detail

Before making a decision, please read the terms and conditions and
ensure you're aware of all fees, charges and interest rates.




How to open an account

1. Read the Terms and Conditions

2. Give yourself a few minutes

3. Have your ID handy

4. Have your Tax File Number (TFN) ready


Call us on 13 22 66
Say "New account" when prompted