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Best practice guides

Download Visa's merchant best practice guides

Visa have developed three guides which outline best practices for credit card security:

Best practice for electronic commerce

Security is a key consideration for any ecommerce business. The Electronic Commerce Risk Management Merchant Best Practices Guide developed by Visa identifies best practices associated with the following areas of an ecommerce business:

  • Ecommerce start-up strategies
  • Website content
  • Sales functionality
  • Card acceptance practices
  • Website tracking and analysis
  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Data security
  • Chargeback handling and loss recovery.

Download Visa's Electronic Commerce Risk Management Merchant Best Practices Guide

Best practice at the point of sale

There are a number of ways in which you can protect yourself and lower risk when accepting point of sale transactions. Visa's Point of Sale Procedures Merchant Guide provides information on how to:

  • Accept Visa cards
  • Identify Visa cards
  • Authorise Transactions
  • Avoid and reduce problems which may arise.

Download Visa's Point of Sale Procedures Merchant Guide

Transactions where credit card is not present

Although processing a transaction without sighting the customer's card can be risky, Visa has developed a Card Not Present Transactions Merchant Guide, which outlines the procedures you can follow to help minimise your risk.

This guide contains information on:

  • General procedures
  • Authorisation of transactions
  • Things to consider regarding the delivery of goods or services
  • Keeping documentation
  • Processing transactions correctly.

Download Visa's Card Not Present Transactions Merchant Guide