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3. Your users


Account access

Who will have access to Business Banking Online for your company and what do you want them to see and do?

  • People who can view accounts and perform tasks such as creating payments are known as Users
  • If you want Users to be able to move money out of your accounts they will need to have an Authentication device. They will be able to approve their payments and those created by others. If they are also a Company Administrator they will be able to approve administrative tasks on Business Banking Online Admin.
  • You can control which accounts Users can see and use.


Do you need to restrict access to certain accounts?

You can specify the type of access each User has for an account and control whether they have view only access or can also make payments from it.


What do the different User roles mean?

As the Company Administrator, you will need to assign a Role for each User you create. This will determine their level of access to perform tasks when using Business Banking Online. You may also modify a User’s access at any time.

Some of the available roles to select are:

Admin Authorise

This User:

  • May amend the company details and set the company’s Daily Transaction Limit
  • May create and edit other Users, assign Roles and levels of access as well as set Authorisation Limits for Users with the Authorise Role
  • May also Authorise payments
  • May also Create and View transactions
  • Must use an Authentication Device to authorise payments and enter Company Administration.

This User:

  • Can authorise payments
  • May also Create and View transactions
  • Must use an Authentication Device to authorise payments.

This User:

  • Can only Create or prepare a payment
  • Cannot authorise payments and therefore does not hold a Authentication Device
  • May also View transactions.
View This User:
  • Can only View transactions and accounts
  • Will not be able to Create or authorise a payment.
No Access

This User will have no access to accounts or workflow

This role may be used for tailoring a User’s access to allow activity on some accounts and no access on others.

Tip:  If a new User is assigned, or an existing User upgrades to, a Role of Admin or Authorise, the Authorised User – Authentication Devise application form is to be completed and lodged. The User will then be issued an Authentication Device for use with Business Banking Online.


Add a new User

Click on the Users tab then:

  1. Select the Add new user button on the Users screen and add the details of the User
  2. Enter a security question and answer to be used as part of identification of the User in future contact with the St.George Bank
  3. Specify a User Role
  4. Enter an Authorisation Limit which will be the maximum amount the User will be allowed to authorise per payment.


Set the Authorisation limit for a User

Select an amount to suit the authority of each User. As Company Administrator, you can change this amount at any time. Any amendments made to a User’s Authorisation Limit take effect immediately.

  1. Select Admin
  2. Select Company admin
  3. Select Users
  4. Select the user whose limit you want to update
  5. Enter Authorisation limit
  6. Click Save changes.




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