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Manage your home loan online

In a matter of minutes you can check your rate, change repayments, redraw, refix and more. Here’s how, using our Mobile Banking app and Internet Banking. 

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Whether you want some financial breathing space or you’re ready to pay your loan down sooner, you can view and adjust your repayments in a few clicks.


It’s easy. Just logon to see how much is owing on your home loan, click on your home loan account and ‘Details' to see what your repayments are.

This home loan balance includes any extra repayments you’ve made, shown underneath as ‘Available’ funds.



Your loan

When life changes, your home loan should too. Here’s how to adjust the type of loan you have, how it’s set up and how to package your loan.


If you’ve had your loan more than one year – and are looking for some short-term breathing space – you may be eligible to reduce your repayments. You’ll need to talk with us for approval on this: chat with your local banker or call 13 22 66.



Accessing extra money

Moving home, renovating or just in need of some extra funds? Your home loan could help you get there.


If you’re ahead on repayments and have already registered for redraw, you’ll have ‘Available’ funds in your home loan which you can tap into, whenever you need it.

Just logon and click on your home loan account > Click the ‘Transfer’ button to move available funds to a Bank of Melbourne account, or ‘Pay’ to move to another account.

Haven’t set up redraw yet?

If you haven’t registered for redraw, login to online banking to activate the redraw facility and you’ll be ready to redraw on your home loan when you need to without the need to complete any paper forms. Otherwise give us a call, or you can print, sign and email a scanned copy (or hi-resolution photo) of this Redraw Authority form (PDF 65KB) to Redraws are subject to Bank of Melbourne's approval.

Things to bear in mind:

  • On some fixed loans, available funds are capped (PDF 33KB) at the annual prepay threshold.
  • There may be a redraw fee (PDF 331KB), depending on your home loan type and if you redraw in-branch.
  • Maximum redraw of $30,000 per day, per borrower.
  • Any extra payments made to your loan won’t be reflected in your ‘available balance’ for redraw, until your next repayment due date.


The Detail

The information on our website is prepared without knowing your personal financial circumstances. Before you act on this or any advice, please consider if it’s right for you. If you need help, call 13 22 66.

Before using Internet, Mobile or Phone Banking, please read the Bank of Melbourne Internet and Phone Banking Terms and Conditions and Important Information.

Advantage Package - Terms and Conditions (PDF 140KB)

*Advantage Package Terms & Conditions (PDF 140KB) apply. A $395 annual package fee applies and is payable from a Bank of Melbourne Complete Freedom transaction account. Before deciding to open a Bank of Melbourne Complete Freedom account, read the Terms & Conditions, and consider if the account’s right for you.