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NBN rollout and impacts on your EFTPOS terminal

The National Broadband Network (NBN) been designed to provide Australians with access to fast, affordable and reliable internet and landline phone services – but did you know that EFTPOS dialup terminals also use telephone lines to connect to the bank?

  • When is the NBN coming to my area?
    You will receive a letter from NBN Co and your existing telephone or broadband service provider when the NBN is due to be rolled out in your area. If you have not received a letter, you can check when the NBN is being rolled out in your area by entering your business address here: NBN migration dates

  • How does this impact your EFTPOS terminal?
    From 23 May 2014, NBN Co will commence the first disconnection phase of the old copper services. Those affected have received notification letters from NBN Co and their service provider informing them that they are connected to copper lines and have been identified for disconnection. Customers need to ensure they have migrated their telephone, fax and EFTPOS terminal onto the new NBN service and are connected to a compatible solution through their service provider.

    Dialup EFTPOS terminals utilise the same telephone line as telephone handsets, cordless phones, fax machines and some security alarm systems. All devices sharing your phone line will need to be migrated onto your service provider’s NBN solution before the disconnection date.

    If you have been contacted by NBN and your service provider, informing you that your phone line is being disconnected, you need to contact your service provider and advise them that you have a Bank of Melbourne Dialup EFTPOS terminal and that you require transaction and software download compatibility for your terminal. This will ensure that your service provider installs the correct solution that provides full EFTPOS terminal compatibility across the NBN.

    If you have received this correspondence and your EFTPOS terminal is not connected to your service provider’s NBN service, it is important that you take immediate action to ensure that your EFTPOS service can continue to operate. We suggest you contact your service provider immediately.

    Customers with 2G wireless GPRS terminals are not impacted by the NBN rollout and phone line disconnection. Merchants with other solutions must follow the steps below:

  • What do I need to do once NBN rollout begins in my area?

    1 .Call your service provider and inform them of the devices you have connected to your phone line. They will arrange to have your NBN service configured. It is important to advise the service provider that you have a dialup EFTPOS terminal and require a compatible phone service.
    If you have not received correspondence from your service provider, but have received a letter from NBN Co notifying you of a scheduled disconnection date, please contact your service provider immediately. Advise them that NBN Co has contacted you about disconnection and advise them of the disconnection date referred to in the NBN letter.

    2 .Once NBN and your service provider have installed their equipment, you will need to follow the steps below (some service providers will assist you in completing these steps):
          a .Connect your EFTPOS terminal to the service provider’s equipment and check that it is working by performing a terminal unitisation (host logon).
          b .If the terminal is unable to successfully complete a unitisation (host logon), please contact the Merchant Helpdesk for assistance 1300 603 266.

Please note
Not all service providers will be offering dialup EFTPOS terminal compatibility on the NBN. You may need to discuss the suitable solutions they will be providing for customers with dialup EFTPOS terminals.

Some Optus and Telstra services have been tested with our EFTPOS terminals and are compatible. You must ensure that your service provider supplies you with an EFTPOS compatible solution that will support your dialup EFTPOS terminal.