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Some of these functions have now changed to a higher authentication level and will require us to speak to the Merchant Owner. Do you want everyone in your business to be able to reset your passwords and request refunds? Or only certain people? 

What are the levels of authority?

There are three levels of authority on your Merchant Facility:

  • Staff Members who have a basic level of authority. A Staff Member is a representative of the business or entity who will be able to carry out certain activities if they successfully answer basic identification questions.
  • Authorised Contacts who have a basic level of authority with ability to make some decisions for a specific Merchant Facility (these authority levels have recently changed which means that they may not be able to do things that they have in the past). An Authorised Contact is appointed by the Merchant Owner.
  • Merchant Owners have full authority across all Merchant Facilities. A Merchant Owner is the Business Owner, Director, Partner or Trustee of the business or legal entity who can make decisions in relation to the Merchant Facility.

Anyone with account signature authority on any account held by the Merchant (including settlement, billing, or chargeback account), will also be treated as Merchant Owners. If you don’t want signatories to be treated as Merchant Owners, please contact us and update your preferences.

You may also nominate additional Merchant Owners by contacting us.

What is the difference between the three levels?

A Staff Member can call us to:

  • Accounting requests for missing transactions, reversals and settlements (but cannot request refunds).
  • Activate terminals
  • Order paper rolls and stationery
  • Request technical support

An Authorised Contact can call us to request everything that a Staff Member can under a specific Merchant Facility, plus:

  • Action chargebacks
  • Add store numbers
  • Ask for additional statements
  • Change settlement times
  • Report lost, stolen or damaged terminals
  • Request a change of phone number
  • Request a Merchant Service Fee (MSF) refund
  • Request cardholder refunds and set up temporary refunds
  • Reset passwords and online access
  • Set up or change a terminal’s cash out, surcharging and tipping functions.

Merchant Owners have full authority to make changes to all Merchant Facilities (including everything a Staff Member or Authorised Contact can request), plus:

  • Change of Authorised Contact and Merchant Owners
  • Change of business trading name, bank account, mailing address, phone number or email address
  • Change Pre-Payment Exposure (PPE) limits
  • Change refund limits
  • Closure of Merchant Facility
  • Discuss Merchant Facility fees including requesting a rate review
  • Obtain copies of transaction and settlement history
  • Open a new product (new site or additional product)
  • Opt-out of account signatory authorities acting as Merchant Owners
  • Order terminal accessories
  • Remove address on terminal receipts
  • Request a warrant (refund when cardholder is not present)
  • Set up or change:
  • American Express or Diners card acceptance
  • Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) 
  • Merchant Choice Routing (MCR)
  • Multi-Merchant for Primary/Subsequent merchants
  • Pre-Authorisation
  • Pre-Payment Exposure

How can I update the levels of authority on my Merchant Facility?

To add a new Merchant Owner or to find out who already has authority, please call the Merchant Helpdesk on 1300 603 266, 24/7 or contact your relationship manager.


Want to update the levels of authority or check who already has access? Call us today.

1300 603 266

24 hours, 7 days a week.