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Lost, stolen and misplaced card

Lost, stolen or misplaced cards can be locked for 15 days or permanently cancelled.

Lock your card temporarily

Easily put a temporary lock on your lost card for up to 15 days using Internet or Mobile Banking to make sure your account is safe. If your card turns up, you can simply unlock it. The card will also be locked in any digital wallets it is currently added to. Learn More.

Report your card lost or stolen

If you've lost your card for good, report it lost or stolen to immediately stop all transactions on your account and request a new card to be reissued. Your replacement card details will be automatically updated in any digital wallets this card has been added to and you can continue to make transactions without the need activate your replacement card/s.

Reissue a damaged card

If you still have your card, but it is damaged, faded or won’t tap, order a new one in Internet Banking.

The Detail

Card lock will temporarily stop all future card transactions on a Visa debit or personal credit card for 15 days, unless you reactivate or cancel your card earlier. This means all scheduled or recurring payments using your card details will be stopped, but any direct debits on a linked bank account will continue as usual.

Maximise your online privacy and security

Our Security Centre has been designed to provide you with information on how to protect yourself, types of scams and importantly how to report suspicious activity to us. Learn More.